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Ayurveda Packages

Ancient India’s best kept secret, Ayurveda, often described as the key to one’s complete holistic wellbeing, is a soothing healing treatment with varied unparalleled benefits. We at Ayur County offer you multiple customized ayurvedic packages under the supervision of an inordinate quality of Ayurveda doctors, masseurs and various other service professionals, whose dedication and experience would deliver you an unmatched quality of service. Cure, relax and unwind with the therapeutic technique of Ayurveda!


Karnapoorana cures the pain pathologies of lower jaw, neck, head and ears.

Body massage

Body massage using medicated oil relieves fatigue and provides sound sleep.


Nasya relieves nasal congestion, chronic headache, eye an d ear d iseases, si n usitis, cervical degeneration and facial paralysis.


Sirodhara is administered for disturbed sleep, mental stress, headache and insomnia.


Sirovasthi is very effective in facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, and severe headaches

Foot massage

Regular application of medicated oil over the foot along with gentle massage improves the functions of internal organs and enses.


Local application of herbal paste. Lepam reduces pain, swelling, redness and local temperature.


Nethraseka Offering curative and cleansing effects, it reduces dryness of the eyes and maintains the temperature.